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We offer a Service of Administration and Supply of Fuel and Lubricants of excellence, with professionals specialized in the mining industry, we operate with high quality standards, maintaining the operational continuity of our clients.

Industrial Power: Oil is the main source of industrial energy. Diesel and gasoline are used in gas turbines to produce electricity.

Heating and lighting: The heaviest oils are used in central heating plants for shops, offices and homes.


• Diesel UBA
• Heavy fuel oil

• Supply for yard loading.
• Preferential price for purchase volume.
• Tank rental.
• Accelerated tank installation.
(due to inaccurate permissions)

Commercial terms:
• National coverage.
• Delivery in pipes of 30 thousand and 60 thousand liters. (Diesel)
• Minimum delivery of 200 tons (Urea)
• Financing up to 39 days with American Express


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Terms of Use | Notice of Privacy

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